The Daily Threats Of Police Officers -VIDEO-

It seems more than ever, our media has walk walked away from their obligation of true reporting. We no longer are supplied with factual information, but are baited with what they want us to hear. What disturbs me, is that so many people believe what they see. No investigating the facts, and hearing both sides of the story. We hear only what we want to hear, and create a conclusion with limited information.

While I scroll through the news, I see all the attention focused on hate towards the people that risk their lives everyday. Am I saying that all of our officers are legit? Hell no! But as long as we keep the focus on the very small percentage that abuse their duty, the general public will begin to believe that our whole system is corrupt.

I look at it like this, if you think our law enforcement system is broke, get up, go get educated, and actually do something about the change you preach. If you continue to be part of the problem, and don’t give no effort towards a solution, then don’t call them when you need them. Maybe a, “Do not respond”, list should be created for those who preach death to cops.

We live in a very dangerous world. We are no longer threatened by outside forces, but now we are threatened internally as well. There are many people just waiting for the opportunity to create chaos in their own streets. There use to be a time where we were safe in our own neighborhoods, but I’m afraid that time had passed.

My hats off to all those who patrol our streets!

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