How We Teach Our Children

I have been involved and actively been speaking about bullying for a few years. I also talked about it on one of my radio shows, with more to follow.

I have witnessed people continually point the finger, blaming the world for the way their child acts. Something that I speak aggressively on is that actions are a learned behavior. How do children learn to hate, judge, and knock people down.

There are some amazing groups that are very much active with working with victims and creating awareness. Schools are caught in the middle. I will not discuss here about that topic, because I have a lot of thoughts and opinions regarding this issue.

Our children go to school to learn and receive an education. They learn character and behavior at their home, and from the people they are around the most.

How can we teach them to help people up, when we knock them down. How can we teach self respect, when we are not happy with ourselves. How can we teach honesty, when we lie. How can we teach to never give up, when we are constantly quitting. How can we teach them to be all they can be, and then tell them to be realistic.

We start to download our beliefs into our children the second they are born. We play the biggest factor on what our children become.

I ran across this video today, and it explains just that, so I thought it to be important to share.

The more we love ourselves and others, the more your children will do the same! Teach well!

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