Interview with musicians Joe Burkel and Pat Roberson from The SkullProject


Last week on my online radio show “Everything But Normal”, I had the privilege and honor to interview two musicians, Joe Burkel and Pat Roberson from “The SkullProject.” When we first started to discuss having them on the show, was because I had a chance to listen to a couple of clips from their album titled “Children Of The Atom!” Upon hearing clips of their music, I needed to hear more. I need to share with you that for many years, I have been involved in the music business one way or the other, mainly management and promotions. So for me to get to a level of wanting to hear more says a lot.


While talking with Joe and Pat about the show, I have learned that this journey was much more than just making music, but a powerful story behind all this. It was over twenty years ago when Joe and Pat first met while working together. At the time they were both in different bands, and both shared a love for music that is hard to explain in words.

Through the years they both followed the paths given to them, working the circuit, and the trials and tribulations in life. During their separate journeys, they both maintained contact with each other. Now to those that are not to familiar with the music business, there is more failure than success. Most groups that I have known gave it a shot, and moved on. But this is not the case here. To everyone involved here, music was never a business venture, but raw love and passion.


I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason, and everyone that we meet is for a reason. I believe the reason that Joe and Pat didn’t do this earlier, was because there was much to learn all around. As you listen to our interview, you will hear their powerful and amazing story. I also played a couple songs from their new album, “Children Of The Atom.” Its individuals like this that gives me the drive to never give up.

CLICK HERE for their album on iTunes

CLICK HERE for their FB page


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