“I have been hosting my show almost every night for 5 years, and this show turned out to be the most important show to listen to! My guest is new to hosting his own radio show on this network, Rocci Stucci is a Life Coach, but a whole lot more then that! In this show Rocci speaks from the heart like you probably never heard before! He talks about Bullying in the schools today, and his take on that is something you have not heard before. But also, Rocci talks about how we all in our life time have had our own demons to over come, and Rocci talks emotionally about his painful path! Also Rocci talks about many other “real life” matters that we all go through…..At the end of listening to Rocci at the end of this show, I was in tears and just speechless.”

Michael Long – Host of Journey Into The Light Radio (CLICK HERE For his Radio page)

As life always has a curve ball to throw at us, how we choose to handle it, how we choose to see it, is what will define who we are and what we will become. Its extremely important to realize that we do not have to accept second best, nor do we have to be a product of our past. The only way for anything to change, starts with you. How much your willing to fight to live a life you absolutely deserve.

We all witnessed the darkness in this world, its everywhere we look, BUT we have complete control how it affects us. I pray others make choices in their life that prevents them from witnessing the cruelty that exists all around us. I have no shame in where I come from. I take full responsibility for every action I chose in this life, and NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE DONE, BEEN THROUGH, OR WITNESSED, YOU CAN CREATE PERSONAL HAPPINESS. YOU CAN LIVE A POWERFUL AND MEANINGFUL LIFE, BUT WE NEED TO STOP WITH EXCUSES, AND FOCUS ON OPPORTUNITY!

Learning to walk forward is key to a better life. We do not have to accept that we don’t deserve a better life because of what we have done. Life is worth it! Change starts with us, how we choose to think, react, and absorb everything will be the factor of what will be.

I now find it my personal duty to speak publicly to help those fight similar battles in their life. To be a life coach, healer and motivator is a gift given to me, and me to you.

“Our thoughts, create our reality!”




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